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What if...

There is nothing here but our imagination

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Amelia J. E. Greene
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I'm not a computer nerd but I absolutely love science and I'm nerdy at heart. I enjoy writing but only so far as I can improve on my work both in regards to grammar/spelling and characterization. Having said that, I don't live off reviews and so they're not something I request from my audience, but any and all criticism you might have for me is very much appreciated. Other than that, I'm currently hunting down the best Chuck fics circulating on the web and have added many to my profile's ''Memories''. If you see something awesome please give me a heads-up. I eventually want to make a massive rec.

On an end note, I'm a sucker for good fiction and when I'm not working on my own stories I usually hunt for something to read. That's actually how I meet a lot people (seeing as I've reviewed almost everyone on my friend-list). If you want to friend me, please don't hesitate to ask, although none of my work is f-locked.

See you around, my loves.

2nd edit: For those of you who keep asking, I was born in 1989. No, I'm not underage...

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